Posted on: November 25, 2008 6:22 pm

Oklahoma deserves to jump Texas

Oklahoma deserves to jump Texas in the polls by virtue of its complete demolition of Texas Tech and its hot play since losing to Texas.  Texas beat Oklahoma, but that game could have went either way, and Oklahoma, much like Florida, is blasting its well respected rivals since.   All the one loss teams make valid arguments, but Oklahoma looks like its better right now than USC, Texas and everyone else.  Florida and Alabama, thankfully get to play an elimination game in the SEC Championship Cashfest!  Hopefully, Oklahoma will get the chance to play the SEC Champion, but if its not them, then I hope Texas goes ahead of USC.  USC comes up third in this debate in my opinion not because they are likely to fail to win their conference, but because the Big 12 race this year has been phenominal and I hope a team from that conference gets to settle it!  Oklahoma beats Florida 45 - 38 in the BCS Championship!
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